The Corte Certo line programs are in continuous development and the adjustments and new functionalities incorporated into them can be immediately made available to customers. Although the licenses are marketed in the "as it is" condition, that is, in the state of development in which the software is found at the time of acquisition, with its attributes or any imperfections, updates are granted at no additional cost during the first month, from the license activation date. After that month, updates are only sent to customers who have subscribed to the Updates and Remote Support Plan.

The plan was created at the request of the customers themselves, and also following the trend of the software market around the world. It has several objectives:

  • Being able to pass on to customers, immediately after the tests, new features, improvements to existing features, adaptations to new technologies that it is dependent on (such as Windows) or even corrections to any problems detected, instead of waiting a whole year, or more, until the release of an entire package
  • Prevent the inevitable disruptions caused by releasing a "big" package
  • Keep all customers (or at least most of them) with the most up-to-date versions, so that there is a common language with our technical team, accelerating assistance and development work. (It is impossible for technicians to be fully informed about all the qualifications and limitations of each of the older versions.)
  • Offer a cheaper upgrade option
  • Keep customers at an equal level of competitiveness, in terms of Corte Certo, and, as far as possible, with the best tools available.
  • Avoid the customer himself having to find out what will be released and, at the same time, avoid having to go through the bureaucratic process of approving funds for the new acquisition if he decides to update the version.

Updates are always sent over the internet. If the customer wishes to receive a CD, there will be production costs as well as postage costs.

There is no maintenance plan for the Mini series of Corte Certo 2D, as well as for Corte Certo Linear (1D) and Corte Certo Films. Upgrades can be purchased at a discount.

Customizations, that is, adapting the product to the customer's needs, when approved, are paid separately.

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