The advanced cutting planning algorithms used in the system allow automatic calculation to be superior. This is already proven by the use of the system over the last few years. But it is necessary to note: Corte Certo, as well as all cutting plane optimizers, is mainly aimed at medium and large projects, in which it becomes unbeatable, when compared..... Read More »

There are users who use the 2D program to optimize linear materials, such as bars, profiles, "aluminum", pipes, tubes, cables, etc. Although it works perfectly, in these cases we recommend using Corte Certo 1D, which is specific for this.

Although Corte Certo 2D specializes in optimizing rectangle cutting planes, the program's Plus series, the most complete, allows working with some shapes (such as circles, semicircles, rounded corners, triangles, etc.). The condition is that they are inserted in rectangles, because this is the geometric figure that will be considered for the calculation of fitting of the parts. If at the time of..... Read More »
Corte Certo from the Plus series has specific tools for calculating coil cutting plans. There is also another more specialized product, Corte Certo Films, initially developed for cutting thermal and solar control films, but which has also found application for other types of materials packaged in reels. In any case, the use of the program for cutting coils depends on..... Read More »

Very easy, no need for a technician visit. Just click on an internet link and follow the instructions. In a few seconds, Corte Certo will be installed, just needing to be activated, which is also easy. The knowledge required for this is Windows basics.

Yes, because it is possible to calculate quickly and with a high level of security the exact number of plates to be used. This allows the user of Corte Certo to build up the stock for the orders in the backlog, with only a small excess margin of safety. We know of a case in which a company in the..... Read More »
Very often, those who ask this question really want to know: can I install a single Corte Certo license on a server and, from there, make it possible for any user connected to the network to access and use the program? The answer is no. Corte Certo is a single-user program and must be installed directly on the computer where..... Read More »
Time depends on three factors: The number of pieces of different sizes; How many sheets of different dimensions are enabled for cutting; The processing power and memory of the computer. In most practical cases, the complete calculation takes from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.
No, anyway. In some specific situations, the gain in material utilization can even be left in the background, by user decision, to further accelerate the cutting process. This occurs, for example, in large furniture companies, serial furniture manufacturers and users of Corte Certo Plus. With this more advanced option of the Corte Certo line, they achieve great savings in sawing..... Read More »
It is practically impossible to give a universal answer to this question, because it depends on so many variables. The difference in gains in raw material utilization certainly depends on the quality of the cutting plans that were previously made, without the help of the program. Another thing that can be said without fear of being wrong: the bigger projects,..... Read More »
Basically, it serves to reduce losses during the process of cutting sheets (or bars, or coils) into smaller parts with equal or variable dimensions. The two main types of waste for those who do not have one of these software are: - Waste of raw material - Waste of time. There are millions of different ways to cut pieces of..... Read More »

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