Corte Certo Films


Annual subscription

For straight cutting of glass film (automotive and architectural). It was an immediate success in several countries. It is also suitable for other materials in coils.

Corte Certo Films functions:

  • Automatic calculation of the number of coils necessary for a determined project.
  • Calculation of joints.
  • Addition of cuttings to the calculation.
  • Post-editing function which enables the alteration of diagrams using the mouse.
  • Created to make the cut calculation of thermal and solar control films. It is also used for products on coils.
  • Gives you accurate film yields for large or small bids;
  • Calculates splices;
  • Has a lock/unlock piece rotation function to allow you to determine film orientation (machine direction);
  • Permits different roll size comparisons;
  • Prints cut layouts and labels (to guide cutting and identify pieces at the job site);
  • Has a copy/paste option so you can paste excel spreadsheets into the program, instead of typing all the window sizes prior calculation;
  • Generates parts labels;
  • Is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
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