What kind of magic can we do for you?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, says Arthur C. Clarke, science-fiction writer, like 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Magic, not functionality, not differential. Not mission, not values, not vision. Not illusion either. Real magic!

Our Magic

Improvement of corporate culture

The client wants to minimize raw material waste. But the benefit he receives is sometimes even more surprising: positive changes in their corporate culture.

In one hand, Corte Certo comes in with reports that can be easily archived and traced, registration, identification labels and future calculation of usable leftovers (ONcuts), saving storage space, performing tasks quicker and more efficiently, several cutting plan options, and integration to other software and machines.

On the other hand, it is natural to have some questions. Can we use this historical data for future improvements? How can we better organize the ONcuts to be used effectively? Can the experience someone gained by developing the cutting plans by hand be applied differently? We are making a good purchase? What is better: to accelerate the cutting process or to focus on saving raw material?

Those who answer these questions become part of the proactive team, ensuring their presence in the company with the new culture, which seeks better alignment with business goals.

Instant profit!

As soon as you start using Corte Certo you will notice the savings. You will save time, material, storage space, etc. This savings naturally transforms into profit.

This is the same reasoning which allows us to say that anyone who considers purchasing a Corte Certo license already has the money for it. It is the same money that is thrown in the trash as several types of waste.


Like other companies, our organizational identity is represented by definitions regarding our goals and set of values,which we aim to preserve. But here you will not find standard phrases such as “Customers first” or “The customer is always right”.

What is important to us are action verbs:

  • Mission

    Why we are here

    To develop innovative and profitable services that contribute to changing the world for the better, while making them accessible to small businesses.

  • Vision

    The challenge

    To be ahead of our time, to be recognized as a benchmark for happiness at the workplace and customer satisfaction rates.

  • Values

    How to fulfill the mission

    • Ethics and transparency;
    • Commitment with developing a fairer business software model for customers and developers;
    • Fight against piracy and all sorts of ethically reprehensible actions that permeate this type of business;
    • Brand with a competitive advantage;
    • Teamwork;
    • Proactive market;
    • Career advancement based on merit;
    • Strategic partnerships: marketing is a dialogue, not a monologue;
    • Loyalty: to the clients, employees, suppliers, peers, and society.

Our Products

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