For a fairer business model, which is more suitable and more transparent for the commercialization of software.

Is software a product or a service? Should a software manufacturer pay a tax on industrialized products instead of on business or services? It seems incredible that such elementary issues like these still cause so much controversy. However, about 20 years of intense popularization of software has still not been enough to eliminate the wonderment with which society looks upon this product which, in reality cannot be seen, or touched, which thus understandably brings about a certain feeling of frustration for the buyer.

Frustration which can increase when the client expects to obtain eternal and free assistance for the purchase price, without stopping to think that this would make any company unfeasible. The controversies don’t stop there. How must the software developing companies for example act to guard against the predator action of pirates? Is there any efficient way to make a good client not feel suspected of something illicit?

You will find below a set of concepts, principles, determinations and conditions that we have adopted, based on our own experience and also on the market practice as a whole. There are guidelines which, due to their implicit transparency, have the intention of leading to a good relationship with our clients. It is however at the same time a set in search of new ideas that improve it.


Buy software is a manner of speaking. As computer programs are protected by the intellectual property rule (the same conferred to literary works through copyright legislation), what one sells is the use licenses of the program, which continue to belong to the company.

1.1 - The programs are provided “as is”, that is to say, in the development stage in which they are at the moment of sale. It is therefore considered that the product is already ready and within the specifications accepted by the client.

 Note: software, like we sell is a product that one can say is “alive” and in continuous development. Not only to meet the new market requirements, but also as the software is incessantly put to the test in unforeseen situations (that can eventually reveal bugs) and furthermore subject to technologies that affect it, like the operational system or antivirus programs. Therefore the saying that software is never ready is no exaggeration.

The example, which occurs with any software, is that it is impossible for the licensor to guarantee the products will be free of errors. We believe in the specific case of Corte Certo, that the main basis for our qualification is in its acceptance (many times through the exhaustive comparison with large world competitor brands), by hundreds of companies in the most varied fields of activity, throughout more than 30 countries. The continuous development of the product over about 20 years of the company’s existence also counts.

2.1 - The licensee is forbidden to commercialize (sell or rent, et cetera) the software, unless expressly authorized by Dimensions Software.

Note: As such, even when the licensed company is sold to another, the passing on of the program to the purchasing company of the property must be authorized by Dimensions, though written confirmation from the responsible person for the original license grant.

The installation of one same license in other computers or in multiuser systems is forbidden.

Note: the copy of the program is only authorized for back up purposes.

Software licensing or concession use can be provided by Dimensions Software in the following ways:

  • On a permanent basis
  • For a determined period

4.1 - The company also optionally Offers::

  • Separate cutting plan calculation services
  • Training
  • Functionality development to meet the specific needs (or not) of clients
  • Integration to other systems/machines
  • Insertion of open or closed libraries with client materials

Dimensions Software does not make visits for demonstration or technical support for three reasons:

  • The low cost of the products, when compared to similar products with the same qualifications, impede this investment in external teams.
  • The products are extremely intuitive. Apart from being idealized to be simple, they have various tools that help learning even more.
  • Corte Certo has a very complete demonstration copy for all its series, which enables the verification of the calculation capacity and knowledge of the main functionalities.

5.1 - The interested party for the product can furthermore request calculations by e-mail that show functionalities that are inactive in the demonstration copy. They can also request remote support by e-mail. However as a commercialization strategy, and despite this position, there is nothing to stop distributors of the product from Offering paid or not visits.

5.2 - The delivery timeframe through the Internet (that is to say, the complete activation of the product), under normal conditions, is one working day, based on the Brazilian calendar and time zone.

Guarantees, Support, Updates and Security

The Corte Certo licensor will provide, without additional costs for a period of thirty (30) days from the purchase date of each license, any new versions of the purchased series of the program, as well as regular distance support services (telephone or e-mail, during Office hours, from Monday to Friday). The telephone call costs are for the client’s account, however Dimensions Offers alternative online communication via SKYPE.

In the case of authorization loss by accident (Examples: HD failure, theft of computer, power outage, user incompetence, et cetera) the program will be able to be reactivated following the payment of a fee and the completion of an appropriate form for pre-approval.

2.1 - License update acquisition or migration to a more complete series involves the substitution of the updated copy (that is to say, it cannot remain functioning simultaneously with the new one). This justifies the lower update value.

2.2 - The programs are protected against unauthorized copying by an appropriately installed system. Each password is individual and operates for only one computer, impeding that an already installed system can be copied and run in another machine. This system enables the identification of illegal copies.

2.3 - The programs also have a system of their own that is able to generate a code which proves their deactivation. This procedure must be carried out whenever the client wishes to change the program of the machine, substitute/reinstall Windows or format the hard disk, et cetera. The data registered by the client can be preserved.

2.4 - There is a special tool available through the Help button which enables the activation transfer to another computer without needing help from the provider.