Great Batch

Corte Certo's function to seek the best result in the use of raw materials, based on the lowest unit cost.

Suppose the question is the ideal quantity to cut between 200 and 250 units of furniture produced in series: what is the best batch between these two numbers, taking into account the good use of the sheets available, even when the furniture requires a combination of different materials? The software automatically calculates each possibility one by one (for 200 units, for 201, for 202, etc., up to 250) and shows the best options based on the unit cost, calculated through values per square meter of the sheets used.

Calculations like these can even lead to the conclusion that the ideal is to cut a little above (or below) the previously established quantitative range.

This tool is especially useful when defining a new piece of furniture. When the designer is involved in the creation of a new item, attributes such as comfort, aesthetics and, in many cases, also the final price to the consumer are a priority. In the formation of this price, the consumption of plates is naturally included and, for this cutting plan optimization, the utilization for a single unit is normally considered. It is a mistake, because the production batch is never made up of a single piece of furniture. Depending on the situation, it may be that if the furniture has its measurements slightly altered, there may be less waste over the entire life of the new product.

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