False positive

It is an error that refers to the incorrect detection of infection in a clean virus software. When that happens, either the antivirus automatically deletes this malicious pseudo file or causes such a state of dread with its terrible alarm icons that the user himself deletes it without thinking. And when that happens, the consequences for software stripped of that file are the most unpredictable.

No program is free from being victimized by these antiviruses, usually in their new versions. This has already happened with Corte Certo and even with Windows - in theory, the safest, since the developers of any antivirus must take this system into account, above any other, when producing their new versions.

What we recommend, in the case of Corte Certo, is that the customer keep their program always up to date, because our team is always attentive to urgently correct the problem, whether compiling different sequences of bytes that come to be understood as malicious or by contacting the antivirus manufacturer directly. Most of our customers do not even realize this benefit incorporated in a given Corte Certo update version.

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