In addition to the licensing price, are there any maintenance fees?

Yes, there is a maintenance fee for Corte Certo 2D Standard and Plus series. For the other programs (Linear, Films and Mini) there is no maintenance plan and, if the customer wants an update released, he must purchase it.

The Maintenance Plan guarantees:

  • Receiving all updates (tweaks and/or new tools) as they are released
  • Remote technical support (phone or email) during business hours, after the free one-month period from date of purchase
  • Right to acquire an additional license of the same edition program (Standard or Plus) with a 20% discount
  • Right to a discount on the full value of the Standard license, in case of replacement by another Plus edition.

Without the Plan, the license loses market value and, in case of need for updating, the value is higher than the monthly fees added together. After three years without the plan, there is no longer any way to discount the upgrade.

Not included in the Plan:

  • Phone call costs
  • Customizations - that is, adaptations of the program to the needs of the company
  • Services for recovery of lost authorization due to customer accident

Fees are charged through monthly or annual fees, in which case with a 10% discount on the total.

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