If I buy the Corte Certo Mini, can I replace it with a better one without paying the full amount?

Yes, this is one of the great advantages of the Corte Certo development system in “series”. Even if you choose the Mini or Standard series to start with, there are three advantages:

  1. There is no loss of invested capital: within 6 months you can replace the program with a more advanced series, paying only the difference in prices existing between them.
  2. There is no loss of learning: what is learned in one program is used in the more advanced one, which will only have more resources.
  3. There is no data loss: registered materials and projects, with all their properties and characteristics for the calculation, can be automatically incorporated into the program's new series.

For Standard series customers who adhere to the Maintenance Plan, the benefit in item 1 has an indefinite term.

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