How do I change Corte Certo on a computer, or reinstall it after formatting the HD?

Corte Certo 2D (plates) offers two free tools for this: one without our help and another with our help. The first is the “Activation Transfer”: it allows you to transfer the license to another computer (temporarily or not), while the machine goes to formatting. The other option is “Deactivation”, which generates a code that proves that the program has been deactivated and, thus, a new password is provided for a new installation.

These two options are completely free and one of them must be performed when it is necessary to format the hard disk (HD), replace Windows, the motherboard, change the processor, change the memory, etc., and it is possible even in 90% of cases. cases of virus contamination.

In the event of any form of accident that prevents removal/transfer, new passwords may be calculated upon approval of an appropriate form, in which the customer justifies the absence of the code and assumes the commitment of complete uninstallation through the appropriate means, in case the installation previously activated will be recovered. For this second way of recovering authorization to use the program, there is a reactivation fee to be paid in advance by the customer.

Corte Certo 1D and Corte Certo Films do not have the “Activation Transfer” option, but they have a deactivation system.

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