• corte-certo-2D-standard

Corte Certo Standard

US$ 750,00

Adds functionality, making the product more effective.

In addition to the existing basic functions in the MINI offers the possibility of using finishes in parts (eg edge bands), import projects from a few software and inventory control plates and flaps. The patches generated in the calculations can be automatically registered in separate folders and can be used in future calculations.

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Product Description

For physical inventory control of the plates and the patchwork program generates labels. Another benefit of the product is to provide a module for simplified budgets.

  • Labels
  • Inventory control plates
  • Registration flaps for future use
  • Calculation tapes
  • Budget module
  • Main functions:
  • Rectangular cutting stock
  • Option to respect the fiber or texture orientation of the material
  • Register (manual) and reuse of remnants
  • The projects can have different materials
  • This adds functionalities, making the product even more efficient.The registered materials and projects are saved for future use


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