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  • Panel waste with usable dimensions which may receive an identification label and be stored for future use. Corte Certo allows you to include Offcuts in stock to the calculation at a single click. The surplus itself, with tiny dimensions, which prevent future use. Also called waste, loss,(...) Leia Mais
  • The action of optimizing is in our daily lives and we don't even notice it. We optimize when we choose the best route to get to work, taking shortcuts, dodging traffic, etc. When we cook, when we clean, when we organize our work day. All the time we are optimizing. Even so, until very(...) Leia Mais
  • Termo mais utilizado em Portugal: colar fitas de borda (ou colar orlas).   Ver: Fitar, Bordear, Filetar, Orlar e Encabeçar Leia Mais

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