Our History

Corte Certo was born a long, long time ago, still in the MS-DOS reign

One of the many urban legends diffused by the Internet found its way to Bill Gates, who voiced the opinion that if the automobile industry were to move at the same velocity as information technology, then cars would cost 25 dollars and would do 400 km on a liter of gasoline. Legend or not, and putting to one side the amusing reply from GM, there is a lot of truth in this. Corte Certo’s lifespan of two decades would represent a long, long time in another segment. One only needs to remember what information technology consisted of 20 years ago.

Corte Certo was born in DOS, at a time in which the cutting plan software that there was in the market, had a very high price (on average 15,000 dollars). This price limited its use to only large companies. The Corte Certo creators perceived a niche in the market – the small and medium size companies which were being left out in this competition battle – and developed a simple software solution at a much more accessible price.

Success? By no means! There was a lot of “fear” of information technology at those times 20 years ago. Disbelief also – after all, if the competition didn’t use it, why use it? Result: only large companies were interested in the program at first.

Upon the move to the Windows operational system in 1997, another problem arose: clients who were used to the DOS system wouldn’t give it up. So we had to maintain a technical support team for a long time for these clients who “not even for free” would accept the Windows option.

With the Internet, Corte Certo crossed borderlands and competed with the best in the world. Because of this, the company which till then was called Direções (with the inconveniences of the diacritic signs for the international market) decided to substitute the name by Dimensions. The Corte Certo brand is currently used as a trading name for the company.

Over this period of time dozens of competitors went under due to errors from incorrect pricing to lack of care with the piracy problem. Result: high and dry clients. Competitors in fact never stopped emerging. Simple school work about optimization soon enters the market, via the Internet and wins over clients due to the price. Corte Certo has to therefore be constantly proving that maturation is fundamental.

It was like this. It seems like yesterday…

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