Corte Certo Web

US$ 223.00
Corte Certo Web
Internet sales system, with cutting calculation plans, geared towards the resale of woodworking materials, with free access for woodworkers.

For stores catering to carpentry materials and services:

Annual subscription:


For Carpenters:


Corte Certo WEB is a virtual space, on the internet, where products and services can be offered and purchased.

It is recommended for the resale of materials for woodworking and its customers, carpenters and hobbyists.

Among other features, Corte Certo Web can calculate the number of plates needed in order to quickly generate a quote, which will also include the amount of edge tape needed.

Our customer is the store, which will allow the use of the application to registered customers (carpenters), wherever

they are. whether with a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone with internet access.

You don´t need to download anything. It´s all on the cloud.

The app basically features two environments. The first is for the Store that pays for a subscription; and the other is for the Virtual Counter, accessed by the carpenter.

Carpenters registered with the store get to use it for free.

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