What is used for?

Windowpanes, furnishings, planes...the sky is infinite!

The contribution of Corte Certo can be in every window of a determined building. Or the furnishings in it. In the marble stairways. In the plane you see through the window or in the bus passing by in the street. It is almost impossible to recite all the existing applications for Corte Certo. The Corte Certo 2D line software (MINI, STANDARD and PLUS) is always useful when it is necessary to plan the cut of rectangles (sheets and coils) into smaller rectangles. Irrespective of the material. However the Corte Certo 1D (LINEAR) is a specialist for the cut plan of one-dimensional material, like bars, aluminum, beams, tubes and cables, et cetera. The major part of Corte Certo system users are without doubt concentrated in the glazier and furniture maker sector activities. However the program applications reach the most varied objectives, some of which are even unexpected. It is interesting for example to note in the float glass field, that apart from the most common use, in the production in glaziers and window distributers, the program is found in the day-to-day of:

  •    Who uses
    • Glass distributer commercial representatives
    • Employees who control the orders (Corte Certo generates a spread sheet of registered projects, with the possibility to apply an option to each one of them, of an up to nine status, all of which can be renamed
    • Stock administrators
  •    It is possible to see Corte Certo in the furnishing area in
    • Sheets manufacturing
    • Sheets retailing
    • Woodworkers (custom made furniture)
    • Furniture making industry (planned and mass produced furniture)
  •    Some activity areas
    • Airport workers
    • Air conditioners
    • Automotive
    • Newsstands
    • Acrylic sheets
    • Mattresses and upholstery
    • Builders
    • Refrigeration equipment
    • Glass manufacturers
    • Woodworkers (custom made furniture)
    • Furniture makers (planned and mass produced furniture)
    • Printed circuit boards (PCB)
    • Metallic finishing
    • Silos
    • Notice boards and school blackboards
    • Tempera painting
    • Retailers and distributers
    • Glass distributers
    • Marble factories
    • Sheets
    • Glaziers
  •    Some final products
    • Planes
    • Boats
    • Partitions
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Mobile gates
    • Automobiles (ambulances, fire trucks, buses and trucks, et cetera)
  •    Some materials
    • Madeira
      • MDF
      • Aglomerado
      • Compensado.
      • Fórmica
      • Divisórias
      • Laminados
      • MDP
    • Vidro
      • Plano
      • Liso
      • Canelado
      • Pontilhado
      • Espelho
      • Temperado
      • Laminado
    • Plástico
      • Acrílico
      • Policarbonato
      • Polietileno
      • Poliuretano
      • PVA
      • PVC
      • PTFE
      • PVDF
      • Metacrilato
    • Metal
      • Ferro
      • Aço
      • Alumínio
      • Latão
      • ACM (alumínio composto)
    • Pedras
      • Granito
      • Mármore
    • Others
      • Gesso
      • Acartonado
      • Isopor
      • Cortiça
      • Fenolite
      • Espuma

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