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Corte Certo Plus

US$ 1.700,00

This is a sophisticated version of the line, which is perfect for large businesses

Its labels can contain more information than the Standard series, including barcodes. It has the most complete tool kit for the manual editing of automatically generated cutting diagrams, and Offer the possibility of exporting the results of the calculations to management programs, among others.

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Product Description

It calculates the best batch for industrial production, generates a spread sheet for order control, and can stack plates for cutting and separate the diagrams into cut stages. It comes with a specific program for the calculation of linear material cuts.

Corte Certo PLUS Functions:

  • Labels
  • Inventory control plates
  • Registration flaps for future use
  • Calculation tapes
  • Budget module
  • Rectangular cutting stock
  • Option to respect the fiber or texture orientation of the material
  • Register (manual) and reuse of remnants
  • The projects can have different materials
  • The registered materials and projects are saved for future use
  • Labels with barcodes Export functions.
  • Centralizes the register of the sheets in the Server for use with more than one Corte Certo installation.


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