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Corte Certo Mini

US$ 250,00

This is the most basic program and is indicated for small businesses.

It is usually used by woodworkers, glaziers, and craftsmen. This version enables the manual register of materials, with the measurements of the sheets and remnants, the project assembly with the parts to be cut and the calculation that will generate the cut plan.


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Product Description

The version has some limitations like the quantity of material to be used in one same project/calculation (in the case, 3 materials), and a limit of 1,000 pieces per project. It is not therefore suitable for those who work in civil construction.

Some Functions:

  • Rectangular cutting stock.
  • Option to respect the fiber or texture orientation of the material
  • Register (manual) and reuse of remnants
  • The projects can have different materials
  • The registered materials and projects are saved for future use



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