What product is recommended for my company?

If your company is small, you could start with Corte Certo from the Mini or Standard series, although the Plus series is much more complete.

The Mini series program can serve those who cut less than a thousand pieces per calculation and do not need labels, for example. He makes the cutting plan and produces a file for printing, respecting the direction of the material's texture and, if applicable, compensating for the thickness of the saw.

Now, if you need labels, inventory control of sheets and scraps, calculation and indication of edge bands (furniture branch), automatic registration of scraps for future use and calculation of several projects at the same time (among other facilities), then the it's best to go straight to the Standard version.

Another interesting tool in the Standard version is the simplified budget module, which also allows you to enter other costs, such as hardware, paint, varnish, etc. The possibility of importing data from other programs should also be considered, as in addition to eliminating typing errors, this action saves a lot of time.

The Plus series, of course, does even more. It is ideal for companies that want integration with automatic machines (Tecmatic, Giben, INMES, Usikraft, CNC, CVL, Homag, Biesse, etc.), send Corte Certo management data and need more advanced control systems, such as codes bar, among many other resources.

If the question is price, only you can answer. But keep in mind that by choosing a less complete Corte Certo series than what your company really needs at the moment, you may be postponing the reduction of costs and increase in profits.

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