What is needed to develop an integration between Corte Certo and a cutting machine?

For the first analysis the development team needs:

  1. Detailed documentation of commands and import file logic.
  2. Examples of import files with their respective images of the cutting planes, as described below:
  • 1 cutting plan with one (1) 400x500 mm piece
  • 1 cutting plan with two (2) different pieces, one measuring 320 x 521 mm and the other measuring 589 x 654 mm
  • 1 cutting plan with more than five (5) different pieces of any size, with the respective information of the defined dimensions.

Other basic information: dimensions of the plates and saw thickness (if any) used in each cutting plan.

Once this initial analysis phase is over, as well as the commercial agreement with the interested party, the work will demand, before its effective start, a commitment that there will be:

  1. Availability of a technician from the machine manufacturer for the necessary tests in the different stages of development
  2. Readiness for said tests and submission of reports
  3. Final approval from the manufacturer (homologation)

Final approval from the manufacturer (homologation)

  1. Inform Corte Certo of any supervisory changes that may interfere with proper integration
  2. Send complete documentation that allows for the adjustment, if it is feasible

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