What is cutting plan software used for?

Basically, it serves to reduce losses during the process of cutting sheets (or bars, or coils) into smaller parts with equal or variable dimensions. The two main types of waste for those who do not have one of these software are:

- Waste of raw material

- Waste of time.

There are millions of different ways to cut pieces of material. Some patterns generate large losses (leftovers), while others can be difficult to cut, taking more operator time.

With such software, the user simply informs the dimensions of the plates/bars or coils available and also the dimensions of the pieces to be cut. The program automatically calculates cutting schemes, seeking to make the excess material as small as possible and within the most practical way of making the cuts.

And that, as has been said, is just the basics at Corte Certo! Find out about other very important utilities at Why have it?

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