Is the gain in material utilization the only advantage of the cutting optimizer?

No, anyway. In some specific situations, the gain in material utilization can even be left in the background, by user decision, to further accelerate the cutting process. This occurs, for example, in large furniture companies, serial furniture manufacturers and users of Corte Certo Plus. With this more advanced option of the Corte Certo line, they achieve great savings in sawing hours and man-hours, which, at the tip of the pencil, costs more than the raw material. And the time savings is just another advantage. See some more:

  • Faster quotations (with the exact prediction of the necessary plates)
  • Best plate size test to be used in a given project
  • Minimization of errors and their costs, thanks to the cutting maps generated by the program, with clear and precise information
  • Reduction in inventory cost. Making better use of the available plates/bars, the total amount can be kept at a lower level, without loss of security. The scraps can also be better used.
  • Standardization of documentation, such as cutting maps and reports. It is the organization that avoids interpretation errors, facilitates communication between people involved with ordering and cutting parts, saves time, etc.
  • Currently, cutting optimizers incorporate additional functions, such as printing labels for identifying parts, reusing scraps, statistical reports, etc. Corte Certo is one of the richest in this sense. See a list of these functions at Features.

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