Is it possible to schedule a visit to test a practical example?

As a commercial strategy, we seek to work remotely, with the support of technology resources. In this way, the investment that would have to be made with an external sales team is applied in reducing the value of our licenses.

Anyway, as commented, even though we do not work with sales visits or even in loco service, for demonstrations or installation, we are structured to provide enough information to dispel all doubts

In addition, with the demo version, the user can test the system himself. For this it has:

- Getting started guide

- Videos

- Written tutorials

- Technical support

In general, remote technical support has been sufficient for basic training and clarification of doubts – this is how we have placed our products in more than 40 countries.

But, of course, if you prefer, we can offer the technical visit service for training, in which case, with a separate charge.

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