Is it possible to plan the purchase of material with Corte Certo?

Yes, because it is possible to calculate quickly and with a high level of security the exact number of plates to be used. This allows the user of Corte Certo to build up the stock for the orders in the backlog, with only a small excess margin of safety.

We know of a case in which a company in the glass sector, shortly before acquiring the Corte Certo license, had purchased an excess of 1,200 sheets due to a miscalculation.

Another reason to rely on Corte Certo as an excellent assistant when purchasing material is that it can consider not only the existing stock of plates in the calculation, but also the scraps of the same material in its database.

And a third reason appears when the sheets are offered by the supplier in different dimensions. For acrylic sheets, there is a wide variety, but diversity in MDF and other sheets is also possible. In these cases, Corte Certo Plus can calculate which dimensions offer the best use to meet the order.

And if that's still not enough, you can apply the cost price per square meter of the material, to see which supplier offers the product with the lowest final price for what you want to cut.

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