Is it possible to exchange data with other programs (Excel, Word, etc)?

Yes, but it depends on the Program edition. With the Mini, no; Standard receives data; Plus receives and sends.

Although the basic operation of Corte Certo is independent of any other system, the exchange of data with other programs avoids the repeated typing of data that is already in other software (for example, information about the pieces that must be cut), and makes it possible for data generated in Corte Certo (such as the number of plates needed to cut the pieces) to be used by other programs.

The standardized import and export file formats used by Corte Certo are of the CSV type and allow the use of spreadsheets (Excel, Word, etc.) or the use of specific programs written in programming languages, such as Visual Basic , C++, Delphi, etc.

For specific needs, Corte Certo imports/exports files in special formats (examples: XML, DXF, CNC, OTD, etc.) and new formats can be developed upon request. Some examples of integrations with other systems carried out by our development team:

  • Drawing programs/projects: Promob, 2020, Modula, KitchenDraw, 3Cad, Gabster, etc
  • Budget programs: CEM, Preference, Vitrus, etc.
  • Management systems: Focco, Forwood, SAP, Totvs, etc.
  • Automated cutting machines (Tecmatic, SCM, Intermac, Incovisa, Giben, etc.)

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