Can you provide examples of file layouts read by Corte Certo?

For the information present in the CSV or TXT file to be correctly interpreted by Corte Certo, it must follow the exact sequence in the table below:

Part Height td>
SequenceInformationType of InformationExample
1Part CodeNumeric45 td>
2Number of piecesNumeric20
3Part WidthNumeric340
5Part MaterialNumeric200
6Part DescriptionAlpha - NumericBack of closet

Therefore, in the CSV file each line will contain six fields, separated by a comma, as in the example below:


In the TXT file each line will contain seven fields, separated by TAB:

150 214 124 99000 piece 1 paint
2 40 315 121 99000 piece2 drill
3 20 218 222 99000 cap1 drill
4 30 418 300 99000 cap2 drill

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