Can new functions be developed at Corte Certo upon request? How much?

Yes. In fact, most of Corte Certo's functionalities were developed at the request of our customers, which makes the product very pragmatic, tailored to the needs of your target audience.

These customizations are paid for by the customer, but payment is not the only condition for the new solution to be developed. In order to approve the start of development, the new functionality must undergo three evaluations:

  1. That of technical feasibility - is it possible, considering the necessary training of available programmers or implementation time in view of other priorities?
  2. That of market suitability  – will the product, as a whole, remain within its main objectives so that it does not lose its character?
  3. The one of commercial interest - will the new functionality meet the expectations of most users?

The time required and the cost will vary according to the complexity and uniqueness of the function to be developed.

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