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    The Thumbnail Menu is another Corte Certo innovation, often copied by similar software. In Corte Certo the thumbnail menu is shown as a bar, just below the cutting plan featured in the display screen. It was developed based on three main objectives:

    1. To display the entire cutting plan to the user for analysis in a practical and visual way. In other words: in addition to having the cutting maps featured on the screen, right below the user has available all the other maps outlined from the calculated project.
    2. To provide brief information regarding each of the cutting layouts.
    3. To simplify the work of post-editing suggested layouts, particularly when it is necessary to interchange parts between different cutting layouts.

    The Thumbnail Menu refers to a single project. They include all cutting layouts needed to cut the same calculated project.

    The thumbnails do not represent options. It is the final solution proposed by Corte Certo, although open to user changes through various available tools.

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