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  • Optimize

    This is a term that has gained enormous strength with the growth of information technology, as the main software objective has always been to “improve” something, “so as to be simpler and as fast as possible”. What one expects is an improvement with the objective of attaining the maximum. In the case of Corte Certo, it is used in the sense of improving the yield of the raw material and making the whole cutting process faster. Furthermore, other objectives are being aggregated, either as a consequence or as a complement. For example: improvement in the organization, through the standardization of the documentation generated by the program; pricing assistance; order control assistance; industrial processing assistance; raw material purchase assistance; sales’ assistance; waste reduction and increase in profitability.

    We are gradually foregoing the use of the “cutting plan optimizer” definition in favor of "cutting plan software or cutting diagrams software" only, as the elaboration of these plans manually is becoming increasingly more infrequent.

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