Cutting Phase


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  • Cutting Phase

    A sequence of guillotinable cuts in one same direction – horizontal or vertical – composes a cutting phase, eventually also called cutting stage. As such, when one requests a cutting plan in two phases, one expects to generate (2nd phase) the strips generated in the first cutting phase only once.

    Despite the name for this pattern, the plan frequently requires at least one additional cut, the first cut, or pre-cut, for the exclusion of scrap/remnants. The two phase cuts can be exact or inexact:

    • Two exact phases – all the parts of one same strip have the same width, which will enable time gain with equipment handling minimization for adjustments to different widths of the band to be cut. Another advantage for this type of plan is that its calculation naturally ends up reuniting the same size parts, in the same sheets, facilitating their stocking or finishing process after the cutting.
    • Two inexact phases – the parts of one same band can have different widths.

    Having in mind better material yield, the cutting diagrams can furthermore be prepared for a larger number of phases or even to be totally mixed.

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