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    Cutting patterns

    The multiplicity of restrictions or requirements for the cutting plan can likewise generate numerous patterns for the cutting diagrams. Here are some of these restrictions/requirements: saw ... ( READ MORE )

    Cutting Phase

    A sequence of guillotinable cuts in one same direction – horizontal or vertical – composes a cutting phase, eventually also called cutting stage. As such, when one requests a cutting plan in two ... ( READ MORE )

    Cutting plans or Cutting Diagrams

    A set of designs with guidelines to orient the material cutting and indicate the amount of material that is necessary to meet the order. This cutting work can be done manually or by using ... ( READ MORE )

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    Great Lot

    A Corte Certo function to seek the best results in using raw materials, based on the lowest unit cost. The program performs all calculations requested by the user and shows the best results, ... ( READ MORE )

    Guillotine pattern

    A cutting plan that contains at least one guillotinable cut (or guillotine cut). It is the one in which there is no interruption, that is to say, which goes from one side of the sheet to the ... ( READ MORE )

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    Nesting is used to define the process type that conducts a cutting plan. For rectangular cuts, the most usual definition is to say optimization calculation. The cutting plans can be done ... ( READ MORE )

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    Panel waste with usable dimensions which may receive an identification label and be stored for future use. Corte Certo allows you to include Offcuts in stock to the calculation ... ( READ MORE )


    This is a term that has gained enormous strength with the growth of information technology, as the main software objective has always been to “improve” something, “so as to be simpler and as ... ( READ MORE )

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    Piece of sheet obtained after the cutting (cut in red in the below example). Also called band. ... ( READ MORE )

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    Thumbnail Menu

    The Thumbnail Menu is another Corte Certo innovation, often copied by similar software. In Corte Certo the thumbnail menu is shown as a bar, just below the cutting plan featured in the display ... ( READ MORE )

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    A versão do Corte Certo é sempre apresentada ao lado esquerdo da barra de título da tela principal do programa, como mostra a imagem abaixo. Quando mais alto o número de cada conjunto ... ( READ MORE )

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