Understand how Corte Certo works

Corte Certo was designed with the first-time user in mind, as well as the new operators who will come to substitute him later on. No training is therefore required, and money is saved.

In MATERIALS will display the spreadsheets for registering the sheets available for the cut and the characteristics of remnants (minimum sizes for future use).
In PROPERTIES cut and material characteristics will be defined. The illustrations help make everything very clear. The folders, selectable at the top of the window, allow for registration of the commercial characteristics to be taken into account in calculations.
In PROJECTS the parts you wish to cut may be specified in terms of their dimensions and numbers
CALCULATION allows for a variety of configurations – including tests for best possible dimensions of sheets to be purchased, as shown in the figure below.
Finally, VISUALIZE displays the cutting diagrams, which may be analyzed individually or in groups. To do so, one may use any of Corte Certo’s many available visualization or editing tools to make manual changes to the cutting diagrams, including insertion or removal of parts
The REPORT and LABEL buttons are self-explanatory, and have several editing options.
Report, Label and Configure1
Report, Label and Configure2

The CONFIGURE button Offers general configuration options such as language choices, currency to be used, etc.

Report, Label and Configure3
If, even so, a beginner user should experiment any difficulty, the HELP button ONers an Operation Example, as well as an Operation Guide, where subjects can be easily found and looked at by clicking on the list on the right (see picture). Help