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Não, de forma alguma. Em algumas situações específicas o ganho no aproveitamento do material pode até ficar em segundo plano, por decisão do usuário, para acelerar ainda mais o processo de corte. Isso ocorre, por exemplo, em grandes empresas moveleiras, fabricantes de móveis seriados e usuárias do Corte Certo Plus. Com essa opção mais avançada da linha Corte Certo, elas..... Read More »
Although Corte Certo 2D is specialized cutting stock for rectangles, the program Plus series, the most complete, enables work with some shapes (like circles, semi-circles, rounded corners and triangles, et cetera). The condition is that they are inserted in rectangles as it this geometric figure that will be considered for the calculation of the fitting in of the parts. If..... Read More »
Basically to reduce losses during the cut process of sheets (bars or coils), into smaller parts with equal or variable sizes. The two main types of waste for those who do not have this software are: Waste of raw material Waste of time There are millions of different ways to cut material parts. Some patterns waste a considerable amount of..... Read More »
There are users who utilize the 2D program to optimize linear materials, like bars, profiles, "aluminum", pipes and tubes, et cetera. Although it works perfectly, we recommend the use of the Corte Certo 1D in these cases, which is specific for this. This product can be acquired separately, however it is already included in the Corte Certo Plus package. [title..... Read More »
The Corte Certo Plus series has specific tools to calculate coil cutting diagrams. Corte Certo Films is another more specialized product, developed initially for cutting thermal and solar control films, but which also has an application use for other types of materials available in coil form. Anyway, the use of the program for coil cutting depends on the type of..... Read More »
Very frequently the person who asks this question wants in fact to know: can I install one sole Corte Certo license in a server and then enable any user connected in the network to access and use the program? The answer is no. Corte Certo is a single-user program and must be directly installed in the computer in which it..... Read More »
Time is dependant on three factors: 1. Amount of parts/sections of different sizes. 2. Amount of different sheets enabled for the cut. 3. Memory and processing capability of the computer being used. In most cases, calculations take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to be completed. Válido para os seguintes..... Read More »
 Yes, because it is possible to calculate the exact number of sheets to be utilized rapidly and with a high reliability level. This permits the Corte Certo user to form the stock for the order backlog with only a small additional safety margin. We know of a case in which a glazier sector company had bought an excess of 1200..... Read More »
The advance in cut plan algorithms used in the system allow for the automatic calculation to be superior. This has been proven through the years. An observation is necessary however: Corte Certo, like all cutting stock, is mainly targeted at average and big projects, in which it becomes unbeatable when compared with human performance, from a yield-speed point of view...... Read More »
It is practically impossible to give a universal reply to this question as it depends on many variables. The raw material usage gain certainly depends on the quality of the cutting diagrams that were previously done without the help of the program. Another thing one can say without any shadow of doubt: the larger projects, with more parts and/or more..... Read More »

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