If you have a small company, then you could start with the Mini or Standard series Corte Certo, although the Plus series is much more complete.

The Mini series program for example can meet the requirements of those who cut less than 1000 parts per calculation and do not need labels. It makes the cut plan and produces a file for printout, respecting the direction of the material texture and should it be the case makes up for saw width.

However, if you need labels, sheet and remnant stock control, calculation and indication of the edge-band (furniture maker area), automatic registering of remnants for future use, and the calculation of various projects at the same time (among other facilities) - then, it is better to go for the Standard version.

The simplified cost estimate module, which also enables the input of other costs, like hardware, paints and varnishes, et cetera, is another interesting tool in the Standard version. The possibility of importing data from other programs must be considered, since apart from eliminating typing errors, this action results in big time gains.

The Plus series of course does even more. It is ideal for companies who wish to send Corte Certo data to management software and need to optimize the use of cut tools and need more advanced control systems, like barcodes among various other resources.

If the question is price, then only you will be able to reply. However, take into account that by choosing a less complete Corte Certo series than you really would require at the moment in your company, you can be postponing cost reduction and profit increase.

Please also read: Compare the Versions and, furthermore, If I acquire the program of a more simplified "series", will I be able to substitute it in the future for another without paying the total value?

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